Girish Joshi

Goodbye home, for I’ll come again

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I was home for the last two summer months. While lazing, reading, and eating in that time I gained a lot, although only the weight would be apparently visible. Now it’s time to pack my bags and bid goodbyes but goodbyes are hard, no one knows how to say them, especially to the loved one. They bring out melancholy blues. The feeling you get when the party is over.

Amazing right.

When you look at time as an onlooker, it looks like a snail but when you are the end, it turns out to be a cheetah who is caressing, clawing and crushing on the memories you just made. It tries hard to fade them away and you try hard to collect but in the end, the cheetah always wins. Time is such an arbitrary concept. Although the clock always moves at the linear speed time shrinks and expands. Even if the clock is not ticking, time keeps moving. It is there and yet it is not. It is omnipotent and yet it is yours. It’s a cheetah and it’s a snail.

But unlike the time I can come back. My goodbyes are not permanent unless my time has come. So I will come back again and again until my time calls. To be lazy again. To read again. To eat the food prepared by the best chef in the world, my mother, again. I’m going to come back.

Until then I bid goodbye to home.

This summer was a cheetah that looked like a snail.

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