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Things I have been passionate about in this life.

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It’s 2:30 AM. On the second day of my night shift at Tapti. I’ve been wondering what I have been passionate about in life so far. I’ll edit this list later on, for now, I’ll let it live on my blog.

  1. Creating a club or play space at my friend’s (who was my neighbour) terrace.
  2. Playing computer games.
  3. Computer Software and the Internet.
  4. Music.
  5. Strategy games like Age of Mythology, Rise of Nations, CiteVille, and FarmVille.
  6. Mission-based games like Vice City and San Andreas.
  7. Learning how to code, and learning how to code better.
  8. Learning things I was not good at.
  9. Making new friends, meeting high-value people, and learning from them.
  10. Computer graphics and making 2-D computer games.
  11. Mathematics.
  12. Public Speaking.
  13. Building tangible things.
  14. Persuading others, talking about my ideas and vision.
  15. Dreaming big, and letting others laugh at my dreams.
  16. Steve Jobs.
  17. The Beatles.
  18. Making websites and blogs.
  19. Hobby Electronics — Arduino, Sensors, Quadcopter, Tinkering Labs.
  20. Startup Culture.
  21. Working for S&T Committee.
  22. Academic Coursework. Writing Exams. Doing Assignments.
  23. Reading for curiosity and pleasure.
  24. Goodreads.
  25. Working on my personal projects which never lead anywhere.
  26. Following my curiosities.
  27. Being a leader, being followed by people.
  28. Working towards self-imposed goals.
  29. Self-discovery through reading, listening, meditation, and running.
  30. Getting obsessed about one thing and then going deep into it.
  31. Storytelling. Writing stories.
  32. Journaling.
  33. Working on my blog.
  34. Teamwork, working with other people. I assume responsibilities.
  35. When a friend needs my help.
  36. Romance and romantic love interests.
  37. Chess.
  38. Stock markets.
  39. Learning an instrument.
  40. Recording myself. Voice notes.
  41. Work that involves design and problem-solving.
  42. Automation.
  43. Data Science.
  44. UPSC type preparation.
  45. Teaching. Making slide decks.
  46. Working for things I had founded or created. Working where I had ownership and my skin in the game.
  47. Inspiring other people.

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