Girish Joshi

A Little Book of Friendship

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I received this book as a gift from one of my best friends, Aditi Bhatt. It’s a little book bound in hardcover, and it’s cute to carry around. The book is scribbled with quotations on friendship and some words of wisdom from the author Ruskin Bond. There are two blank pages at the end of every section where you can pen down your thoughts but I did not ink the book because to ink a cute little book with my hauntingly beautiful handwriting (those who have seen it, they know) is a blasphemy. So I read the book, and I read it again (because it was little, and also because I promised myself to go over the text again once I’ve read it) and thoughts of all the friends I’ve made in this dear life came to me. Some of the advice I read in these quotes resounded with the advice my father gives me on friendships. Some of the advice I already knew by walking in this life with my friends. But then there were things that made me think: even though I’ve had a handful of friends in this life who I’ve loved and who have loved me, I still have a lot to learn about this big thing called Friendship.

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