Girish Joshi

I Came Upon a Lighthouse

1 min read

My friends call me lighthouse. And it’s because I’m tall and I work in the middle of the sea. Although I like to believe it’s also because I am their guiding light on the stormy nights, as far as I know, my friends, think otherwise. When I first heard about this book…well…actually at first I heard about the author from one of those friends who had christened me lighthouse, I was intrigued. A boy of my age managing the office of Ratan Tata, and also being his best friend. A boy of my age who has written a memoir. I instantly knew that I’d love to read it. I had two reasons for the same. A) I was fascinated by the Tatas. I wanted to know what growing old with Tatas is like. B) I was fascinated by the fact that someone my age has written an endearing memoir and it reminded me of my long-lost forgotten memoir project, “The Young Man and the Sea”.

It was a heartfelt read, I could relate a lot with the author being a millennial myself. The caricatures inside the book are beautiful. It’s a simple book, and it’s simply written, and that is what I liked about this book the most. It settled my expectations and left me happier than I began. There’s just so much to learn from Ratan Tata and from Shantanu Naida. There is also so much to know and see.

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