Girish Joshi

The Design of Everyday Things

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I finished reading this book six months ago. I wanted to devour it so I began working on the long notes for this book, more like a book summary. There was this need to not forget what I was reading. I worked till the third chapter of this book, but then life started happening (wink wink) and I just couldn’t find time and space to sit and work on that. And now six months later, there is too much inertia in me to sit back with the book again. I want to finish what I had started, but just not right now. I’m not in the correct headspace for that. I know, eventually, I’ll find my way to this book again.

I am not a design student, but design was always close to my heart. It was Steve Jobs who introduced the importance of design in my life. When I began reading this book I wasn’t sure how it might help me in my job as a control room engineer, but I was surprised to find case studies that I could relate with. There were many real-life cases too, where I found myself nodding my head.

If there is one big theme from the book that has still stayed with me from the book then that would be that it is mostly the fault of the bad design that we ascribe to human error.

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