Girish Joshi

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

1 min read

It’s a rather unusual book. You know, I wanted to love it. And I did when I started reading it. It was hard to read a line and not shed tears of laughter. The opening scene, with Arthur, Posser, and Ford was hysterical. And then listening to Vogon Captain sing his poetry. It was all so funny. And my god, the spot-on observations and one-liners of Douglas. This book had probably most screenshot moments. Where you are like, wait I have got to record this. It is so funny. Although sometimes that makes you think, man, he told me this entire story just to say that line. Isn’t it Douglas? Haha. But that wasn’t the problem. The problem with the book was that I was not able to emotionally connect with the characters. Maybe the author never intended me to feel for the characters. I was charmed by them, but I wasn’t rooting for them. The book lost its lustre in the middle and end game. With that said, I enjoyed what this book had to offer. But will I read the second book in the series? I don’t know for now. Oh now, I think I am the reason why human beings are only the third most intelligent species on earth. I am sorry. Please don’t hate me. Haha.

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