Girish Joshi

Little Cuckoo Bird

1 min read


in a hole,
in a tree,
lives a little cuckoo bird,
wild and free.

she is not quite like the other birds,
she never sings, she seldom chirps.

and when she has to go to the neighbour tree,
she takes the road and not the sky,
she loves walking more than she loves to fly.

mother bird thinks that her little one is sad,
her father thinks that he must cut her legs.
even all her friends, they make fun of her,
when she is not there, they take their turn,
to laugh about the fact that she cannot fly,
she just walks to keep them in disguise.

but the little cuckoo bird has read some books,
she has the wisdom to know what’s true.
she knows that the destination is far away,
and she is going to reach there in her own way.
sure sometimes she might stumble and fall, but then,
she would get up and keep moving on.

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