Girish Joshi

The sun and the moon

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The sun is the brightest thing in the entire universe. I know there are stars that shine brighter than the sun, but from where we are, the sun — our sun, is the brightest star. It’s the source of life on our planet, it has been shining for life from eternities and would continue to do so till eternities, and yet it is loveliest on only three occasions. First, when the sun arrives at dawn. Second, when the sun departs at the dusk. And third, when the sun is covered with clouds. It’s only on these three occasions when you can truly enjoy its company. For the rest of the time, you are fine looking for some shade. The brightest thing in the entire universe, the source of the gift of life, is also the loneliest thing in the entire universe except on these three occasions. Some people are like that, they burn too much for their own good.

The moon on the other hand is not a very bright thing. Unlike the spotless sun, the moon is full of scars. You don’t take a note of the time when the moon arrives, and it has a habit of disappearing in the depths of the night sky. Sometimes I think the moon is deceptive. Every time you see it, it’s a little different from the last time you saw it. The shine it carries is not even its own, it merely reflects what it receives from the sun. And the moon even has a dark side that it never talks about. And yet, someone can spend the whole night in the company of this imperfect moon, fathoming the beauty, reminiscing what could have been, and dreaming what is going to be. Some people are like that, on some nights they can make their presence felt through their absence. And when they are not there, it’s not that the universe is suddenly gloomy, they leave you with a sky full of stars to cherish.

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