Girish Joshi

This is not the way you survive in a city like Mumbai.

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I was coming back from Vashi to Santacruz, almost midnight, after spending good time with two old friends from college. My friends were kind enough to book me an OLA Cab. It had been a tiring day, and now all I wanted was a good sleep.

Being a creature of my habit I started talking to my OLA driver. He looked perplexed.

Me: Are you driving OLA for the first time?

Him: Yes sir, I’m new to the city. I’m practicing driving in Mumbai, also learning how to use this OLA Application.

Me: Oh! In that case, take me slow. I’m in no hurry. I just want to reach home safe. (I joked.)

Him: Don’t worry sir, you are in safe hands.

We talked for a while, and I admired his simplicity and humbleness. Listening to his story of Mumbai, hustles of earning his living, longings to see again his cherished home and family left behind, made me heartfelt. How lost I felt when I stepped in this city for the first time. I could smell the same old struggle. 

We finally reached the destination. He didn’t know what had to be done, kept looking at the screen. Out of nervousness, he started pressing some buttons. I thought he did the steps wrong. The billed amount was 139. How in the world that could be possible? I paid 350 to the auto in the morning. I told him you must have cancelled the ride instead of ending the ride. I felt bad for him. So, I told him this is what we are going to do. I’m paying you 300. And you should learn to use this OLA App. This is not the way you survive in a city like Mumbai.

As I started moving towards my room, with a heartwarming feeling. I made a call to the friend who booked the cab for me. To let him know that I had reached and that how OLA only charged me 139 because of the driver’s mistake.

He said, “Girish, that’s because the rest of the money was charged from my account.”

We couldn’t control laughing when I told him I payed the driver 300 out of pity. My friend told me, this is not they way you survive in a city like Mumbai. I badly needed sleep.

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