Girish Joshi

To Listeners; From Speakers

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To All Those Who Listen:

For a wrinkle of time, when the eyes are all on you, the stage is all yours, and everyone’s quiet. It’s then when you speak, you feel as if you are trying to stay afloat in deep waters.

The effervescent eyes of your listeners make you feel understood. You introspect. To reassure they are still there and the moment is not lost, you ask, am I making sense to you? Are you still following me?

In those brief moments when someone is truly listening to you, you feel heavenly. You know you can swim no matter how deep the water is. You know you’ll just be fine because someone is listening to you. And that’s the power of a genuine listener.

Do you still feel it’s easy to listen? Well, abracadabra.

– From All Those Who Speak.

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