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What you need to know about Bros?

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A bro never bothers with pleasantry. That’s just how the bros and their bromances are. Bros usually find it tough to show that they care, it’s not that they don’t. They do, probably more than we expect them to. Behind the cursing, taunting, pranking, calling names, and never being able to say sorry or thank you, there is a lot of care that gets no attention.

Tell me, isn’t it tough to ask someone, ‘how are you doing?‘. Even more tough to prove that you really mean it. That’s why bros never ask that. They hate doing tough things. Their systems are programmed for minimum efforts. It’s not that they don’t care, just that their way of showing is different. A bro might ask his bro for a cuppa tea or a walk down the alley to the markets. And it goes without saying, a bro must never refuse. That’s how they tell they are doing fine. A bro will always accompany his bro for the walk, for all walks of life, that’s the rule of the land.

A bro will never tell you how much you mean to him, he’ll just ask you for a walk.

So when your bro refuses to go on a walk with you, let me tell you this straight bud, it’s not your bro’s fault. He is not the one who has broken the rule. You have. There are a lot of things one might not understand about bros, this is just one of them. At times we fail to comprehend our bros, we are humans before we are bros after all. Humans like making mistakes but bros don’t know how to say, ‘I’m sorry‘. Basic Courtesy is a course they could never clear backlog of. So they never actually apologise to their bro. Maybe because bros know that no words are enough.

Whenever a bro will seek forgiveness from his bro, he’ll ask for help. If the help is given, it means that the bro has forgiven otherwise there is still time for wounds to heal. More often than not, bros end up helping. They can’t help that’s their nature. That’s just how their systems have been programmed. To tell you the truth, bros are men of few words. That is the reason you won’t find sonnets on bromances. There was never a need. It’s not that bros are unapologetic. It’s just that they know that no apology would be enough. They know that they cannot beg for forgiveness so they ask for help.

A bro will never tell you how sorry he is, he’ll just ask you for a help.

So when your bro refuses to help you, let me tell you this straight bud, keep patience, it’s not over yet. Your bro will never ask you to wait but he’ll come back. Say what you like about bros but it can take an eternity to understand what makes a bro, a bro. Isn’t it needy to ask your bro to wait? Bros are anything but needy. At least they will never want to appear needy. So they’ll never ever ask you to wait. They won’t even give you a hint. Sometimes they’ll do their best to prove to you that they don’t need you. They’ll ask you to go away and never come back. But just when you are gone, they’ll look outside for their bro. Most often than not, their bro would be patiently waiting outside. A bro will always wait for his bro till eternity they say.

I still fail to comprehend how do they get these hints. From where do they learn the bro-science. Where do they teach you these skills? I think that’s just how bros are programmed to be. Why hasn’t someone written a manual on being a bro, I wonder? Nonesuch can be written, said, my bro. He’s right.

A bro will never tell you to wait, but he’ll look outside for you. His bro will always be waiting.

A bro knocked on my door, banged it to be accurate and said, ‘come let us go for a walk, I want to try out the new kebab shop‘. And it goes without saying, I could never refuse for a walk to my bro, that’s the rule of the land.

Next time when you see your bro, tell him that you care. No, wait. Just ask him for a walk or a cuppa tea. He’ll understand. If you ever end up hurting your bro and he refuses to go on a walk with you, which is of course very bad on your part. Make your bro feel important, ask for his help. If your sins are forgivable, he will help but if he doesn’t remember to wait outside. Always. That’s pretty much all you need to know about bros and their bromances.

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